Sprawy cywilne Warszawa adwokat radca prawny kancelaria

Civil law matters

Our office runs all proprietary matters, inheritance matters, co-ownership dissolution, compensation matters, including damages payment, infringement of personal interest and unjust enrichment.

Kredyty CHF frankowe sprawy unieważnienia Warszawa adwokat radca kancelaria

CHF credits

Since a few years we run a number of cases regarding invalidation of bank credit agreements in Polish Złoty valorized to Swiss Franc (CHF) or invalidation of indexation clauses, in negotiations between bank and the client, and in court proceedings. Last month in one of our cases the Court of Appeal in Warsaw issued a verdict on invalidation of the credit agreement.

Sprawy rodzinne postępowania rozwodowe Warszawa adwokat kancelaria radca prawny

Family matters

We run divorce proceedings and division of assets after divorce, alimony cases for the benefit of children as well as for the benefit of divorced spouse, and the cases on parental authority, care and contacts with minor children.

Umowy doradztwo analiza zmiany Warszawa adwokat radca prawny


We offer our clients legal assistance in preparing, reviewing, amending, negotiating executing and terminating any agreements.

Sprawy karne Warszawa adwokat radca prawny kancelaria

Penal cases

We offer our clients defence of persons under suspicion, accused persons and persons convicted under a valid court verdict.

Sprawy gospodarcze Warszawa adwokat radca prawny kancelaria

Business matters

We provide complex assistance to business entities and natural persons running business activity.
We arrange for incorporation of companies, branches and agencies, mergers and transformations, including legal representation during registration proceedings.
We provide also a day-to-day legal assistance to business entities, also assistance to companies and their shareholders and/or stockholders, including legal services for managing and supervisory bodies.
We draft and negotiate agreements executed in economic relations.
We provide legal services to business entities in disputes with contactors and consumers.

postępowania sądowe i administracyjne Warszawa adwokat radca prawny kancelaria


We offer representation of our clients in all proceedings in common courts, arbitration courts, administrative courts, public administration authorities, all other jurisdiction authorities, including law enforcement agenciesand the Supreme Court.

Prawo nieruchomości Warszawa adwokat radca prawny kancelaria

Real estate matters

We offer our clients a complex legal assistance in all matters connected with acquisition, sale, development and any form of use real estate.
We execute detailed due diligence analysis of legal standing of real estate before intended transactions of acquisition or sale of real estate, and provide assistance related to transactions of acquisition and sale of real estate, lease, tenancy and any other form of use real estate.
We run procedures on restitution of expropriated properties, which were acquired by the State Treasury as a consequence of expropriation proceedings, so called Bierut’s Decree (or Warsaw Decree), Decree on Abandoned and Former German Properties or on ground of any other legal act.

Postępowania wieczystoksięgowe Warszawa adwokat radca prawny kancelaria

Land and mortgage register books

We run all proceedings related to land and mortgage register books for real estate, including entry of ownership of real estate,amendments of entries in land an mortgage register book,cases on compliance of the content of land and mortgage register book with the actual legal status.

Prawo inwestycji budowlanych adwokat radca prawny warszawa

Real property development

We offer our clients a complex legal assistance in all matters connected with development of real estate, in the scope of construction law and space planning law,legal assistance in proceedings before public administration, administration courts and common courts regarding obtaining site permit and building permit and other administrative permits necessary for the project development.
We also offer preparingand negotiating agreements with architects for technical documentation for a project, with contractors for execution of a project,and assistance in disputes between investor, contractor, subcontractor.

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